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Tackling High Blood Pressure naturally
The Hypnotenison Programme is a unique programme that works with you to lower your high blood pressure naturally.
It can help you to tackle the most common emotional and lifestyle factors  in an easy and fun way, using evidence based techniques.
If you have Primary or Essential Hypertension, then we can work together looking at the factors which are causing your high blood pressure such as stress and weight and work to reduce these.
The Hypnotension Programme works along side any medication which you are on, its not a replacement. As your blood pressure lowers and returns to a normal reading your GP will adjust your medication accordingly.
With the help and support of cognitive techniques and behavioural coaching, your high blood pressure can become a thing of the past.
The World Health Organisation estimates that high blood pressure causes 62% of strokes, 49% of heart disease and 56% of us are unaware that we have it.                                                                                     
Make a commitment to yourself today and take some direct action to bring down your blood pressure permanently and have that long healthy life you deserve .
For more information and to book onto the programme call today.
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