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Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy
Horsham , West Sussex
Do you want to give up smoking but have tried and failed before?

Hypnotherapy  is a proven way to give up cigarettes easily and  quickly. Usually only one session is required. Hypnotherapy is a gentle but powerful way to change unwanted habits and the way we think and behave for the better.
With the use of gentle relaxation techniques and positive imagery we can access the sub conscious mind where everything connected to your habit is stored. I tailor each session to meet every individual clients needs, taking into to consideration your personal reasons for stopping smoking and your triggers for the habit.
How Hypnotherapy Can Help you Stop Smoking?
Hypnotherapy deals directly with the sub conscious mind where all your habits, beliefs and behaviours are stored. Dealing with the sub conscious mind helps you to make the beneficial changes at the deepest level, permanently. Without the interference of the conscious mind and its continuous onslaught of ‘ifs’ and ‘ buts’ we can change deep down how you think and feel about smoking.
Feel Ready to Give up Smoking for Good?
To live that long and healthy life you deserve?
Call for an informal chat, I run stop smoking sessions from New Street, Horsham and Barns Green, west Sussex.
Karen Jones
07926 971 327 

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