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Karen I would like to say a big thank you for helping my daughter to get where she is today. You gave her the tools to have confidence and she was able to use these in the school holidays and through that experience she has really grown. I am sure you saw a big difference today to the girl who walked through your door a couple of months aback. She enjoyed her sessions and learnt a lot from them. So thanks once again for all your help, I don't think she would have come so far without you.

I spent many months looking for the right person to help me and I found that in Karen.  As soon as I met Karen I knew the wait was worthwhile.
Karen helped me overcome a difficult area in my life and I now have total peace of mind and the problem has been solved.  Karen's caring and sympathetic attitude that does not judge or cajole made me realise how valuable she is to anyone who may need help.
I would most certainly recommend Karen without hesitation.

"Working with Karen has helped me change my perspectives from negative to positive. I have always battled with anxiety, stress and depression. Karen has helped me through hypnotherapy to re-set my conscious into thinking in a more positive way eliminating the stress I was constantly feeling. Hypnotherapy as helped me re-evaluate my priorities in life as I am now thinking more clearly. Karen was fantastic during the sessions, making me feel comfortable and relaxed during the therapy and really explained how it works in order to rid the nervousness. Karen also does not force you to partake in obscene amounts of sessions but rather focuses the therapy on what you feel you need and that professionalism is what would make me recommend Karen to anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives.

Many Thanks for everything Karen! You really have helped me to feel better within myself and now I can look to the future with happiness and excitement."
Warm Regards

Hi Karen
Three months now since our stop smoking session and I haven't touch a single cigarette, not even had a craving. I consider myself a natural non smoker now and feel so much fitter. Thank you so much, why didn't I do this years ago? I would recommend Hypnotherapy to any one who wants to give up smoking. Thank you again, K. H.  Horsham  

Hi Karen 
I just wanted to say a huge thank you....I have not touched a cigarette since walking out of our hypnotherapy session  over two months ago now! Not even a craving. Thanks again . S Horsham 
I was suffering the effects of a complete breakdown when I contacted Karen who was recommended by a friend. I was in a bad way and unable to work, drive or sleep and could not face up to socialising and generally going out. I was suffering from depression and unable to shake it off. I initially decided to go to Karen for counselling with the possibility of hypnotherapy. After three sessions I found that I had full trust in Karen who fully explained the process of hypnotherapy and the benefits.  I consequently decided to give hypnotherapy a try and found for the first time images I was able to relax which also enabled me to return to a regular sleeping pattern. I continued having further sessions with Karen involving part counselling and part hypnotherapy. I am now recovered and able to do all the things which I used to do. I also feel more relaxed about things in general.  I cannot thank Karen enough for the huge part she played in my recovery. Should I feel the need again then Karen would definitely be my first point of call. Many thanks Karen, 
John, Horley  
Laura came for Hypnotherapy to address her fear of needles as she wanted to try acupuncture-
 "Hi Karen,  I've been meaning to write to tell you that I've had 2 sessions of acupuncture and it was absolutely fine!! I didn't pass out, hooray! THANK YOU so so much, I really can't believe it.  Thanks for helping me to overcome my fear of needles with Hypnotherapy. I hope you are well. Regards, Laura " 

"Karen’s therapy was invaluable in helping confront and overcome my fears and anxieties. I am now able to deal with life in a completely new and refreshed state of mind and would not hesitate to recommend Karen and her excellent service." Paul (Horsham)  

"I finally plucked up the courage to make an appointment and see Karen about the difficulties I was having with a relationship in my personal life. Throughout our sessions Karen always treats me with complete respect and our sessions together are the only time I have ever had to talk about myself and my feelings. Being able to work at my own pace and in such a welcoming, calming environment has proved invaluable for me. We still have some work to do but I am now so much happier and dealing with life in a much healthier way. I wish I had started counselling years ago. I would definitely recommend Karen. Ben, Horsham"  

"I booked a session with Karen for a deep relaxation session to try and reduce the levels of stress I was suffering due to my London commutes. I was nervous about the treatment as I didn't know what to expect but Karen put my mind completely at ease. After a 30 minute relaxation session listening to Karen's soothing voice I felt like I had just woken up from a deep sleep and had undergone a full body massage. Definitely something I will try again and would strongly recommend to others. Amy Jones ,taken from a  write up for the Resident newspaper, Horsham "  

"I had never tried hypnotherapy so I was slightly dubious as to how it  would help me with wanting to loose some weight. Karen was great at explaining how it would affect my behaviour and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. After just a couple of sessions I have noticed a dramatic change to my eating habits and behaviour. I'm really pleased with the results and would definitely recommend it to anybody else. Thanks very much Karen". H. Horsham  

 "Hello Karen, When I got back home today after my final session with you I felt I just had to put pen to paper and say how grateful I am to you for helping me to turn around a lifetimes worth of bad eating habits and yo yo dieting. At last I feel as though I am in control of food, not the other way round and I shall continue all our good work as I work my way towards my goal of losing 2 stone (1 stone lost already). I can't thank you enough". Louise, Broadbridge Heath   

My son stayed in his own bed, in his own room, all night last night, the first time in 2 years !! Thank you so much for your help Karen, your story telling is second to none, I liked the use of metaphors to get the point across to my son, he can't wait to see you again". Jenny  A. Horsham  
"After failing my driving test three times, I made an appointment with Karen to tackle my test nerves and passed two weeks later! Thank you so much Karen. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Karen and her Hypnotherapy". Janice, Crawley 

“The level of support I got from Karen far exceed my expectations, thank you Karen for you empathy and wisdom. I would recommend Karen's services". Samantha, Crawley.
"I find it very difficult to trust people but Karen instantly made feel at ease and I always found it easy to talk to Karen about the very personal things in my life that were going wrong for me. Karen never advised me what path to take but helped me to find my way back on to my own 'pathway to a happier future'. Thank you for your continued support Karen“ I would recommend Counselling & Hypnotherapy in Horsham to anyone looking for counselling or Hypnotherapy ". Alex. 
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