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Hypnotherapy Mindfulness and Counselling
 Horsham , West Sussex
Psychotherapy (Counselling)

Is a talking therapy that helps you come to terms with what may have happened in the past and ways of finding a happier future and to feel content and happy today.To move forward in a more positive way.

 It offers support that helps you move towards living  a much happier and more fulfilling future and the solutions that will work for you..
Time where you can talk to someone who is not connected to you or your situation and will treat you with empathy and Unconditional Positive Regard. All therapy is confidential.

 Is a completely safe and natural therapy that can help you to make the positive changes in your life for a happier future. With the use of your own sub conscious mind and positive imagery, more beneficial ways to think and behave can be found. 

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

A structured 8 week course showing you how to change your perception of every day life , moment by moment and how to deal with unwanted thoughts and feelings in a positive way.

Some Treatments Offered Include

Weight Control                                         Mindfulness
Eating Disorders
Relationship Issues
Social Anxiety                                          Hypnotension,
                                                                 High Blood Pressure
Anger management
Alcohol Abuse
Driving Test or Exam nerves
Self esteem
Self Harm
Relaxation Therapy 
Fears & Phobias
Pain Control
Nail biting
Sports performance
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Grief and Loss

This list is an example of therapies offered, for a full list please contact Karen on

07926 971 327
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